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Wordslingers - an Epitaph for the Western

Wordslingers - an Epitaph for the Western

An Epitaph for the Western

by Will Murray

Publication Date: 02/06/2013

The Writers of the Purple Wage have long since taken the last trail into dusty memory. But, now, they live again to retell tall tales of those distant days when they helped forge the fabled West of American Imagination. They're all here! *The Popular hacks! *The Spicy bestsellers! *The Thrilling myths! Those amazing million-words-a-year men! True Westerners born on the Range! Broadway cowboys never West of Hoboken! Join Max Brand, Luke Short, Johnston McCulley, Ernest Haycox, Walt Coburn, Frank Gruber, Ryerson Johnson, & a hard-working, fast-drawing posse of freelance fictioneers! And those two-fisted foremen of New York's fiction factories magazine editors Frank Blackwell, Rogers Terrill, Leo Margulies, Robert Lowndes & Fanny Ellsworth! Together, in their own words, these veteran pulpsters & others offer startling inside stories of how they created the mythology of the Golden West! *Blazing action! Savage characterization! Real emotion! Ride with the Old West's top gunhands, greatest pulpsmiths & legendary brands. From Buffalo Bill, Deadwood Dick & Hopalong Cassidy to Gunsmoke & Louis L'Amour, this is their saga. Armed with forgotten interviews, controversial essays & candid letters first not seen in generations, acclaimed pulp historian Will Murray, author of The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage. reveals the epic life & frequent deaths of the Pulp West!
Literature: history & criticism
Publication Date:
Altus Press
Country of origin:
United States

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