Work Strife Balance

Work Strife Balance

by Mia Freedman

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 26/04/2017

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This book is for every woman who's been told success is as simple as Lean In, Say Yes, Live Your Best Life, Beat Your Fear, Follow Your Dream... and then feel #soblessed.

It's for guilty friends, bad mums, crap wives, imperfect feminists, rebellious daughters and any girl with a big mouth and at least one foot in it. It's for any woman who's ever asked: 'Am I the only one who isn't quite coping?'

Here is Mia Freedman's low road to the top - a fearless, hilarious, inspiring and surprising collection of modern misadventures to read, relate to and rejoice in, then share with all the women in your life.

"Whenever women are honest about their struggles, they give other women a gift. Mia delivers." - Elizabeth Gilbert

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Paperback / softback
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"To be generous is common. To be funny is common. To be neurotic is also, alas, common. But to be generous and funny about one's own neuroses is spectacularly rare, and it's what makes Mia Freedman such an exhilaratingly readable writer. Mia Freedman's achievements as a relentless innovator in media are profound, but the real marvel is that she can still write a book like this. Funny, raw, fierce and - at heart - profoundly generous." Annabel Crabb

"There are few writers in Australia who care as much about what makes women tick as Mia Freedman and who reveal so much of themselves. "Mia Freedman has pulled off something marvellous: a book that's funny and frank but also touching and vulnerable." Leigh Sales

"Mia Freedman is one of the most inspirational, informative and accessible voices among contemporary Australian writers. She shares the richness of her lived experience as a Woking mother, thinker and writer to inform challenge and motivate Australian women. This book bears the hallmarks of her distinctive style: witty honest and encouraging. She is dedicated to improving the lives of other women. Hers is an important unique voice in our national conversation." Cate McGregor

Mia Freedman

Mia Freedman is a writer, broadcaster, author, columnist, a former editor of Cosmopolitan and Channel Nine presenter and executive... and a digital empire builder.

Mia's Mamamia women's media network is a juggernaut with a huge national profile among Australian women, 100 employees in five global offices and a monthly audience of over four million.

Mia makes regular appearances on TV and radio and is the author of several books. She is married with three children and lives in Sydney.

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