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Your Immortal Self

Your Immortal Self

by Tom Butler
Publication Date: 18/06/2016
We Can Know the Nature of Reality Our understanding of the nature of reality is undergoing an important shift from mostly supposition and belief to actionable facts based on important developments in parapsychology and transcommunication. This is resulting in emergence of new tools which are helping us better understand our nature and the nature of the world we live in. To be sure, this shift involves theory and research, but it ultimately comes down to who we are and what we can become. The best way to describe this future paradigm is to think in terms of mindfulness and the middle way of mindful living. This is not the mindfulness of living in the moment based on the belief that you are your body. It is the mindfulness of experiencing life from the perspective of your immortal self. This book is written to show you the evidence of survival and the implications of that evidence as an important model for future research. While your personal progression depends a lot on understanding the evidence, the community sharing your journey is equally important. To help you learn where to look for help, a comprehensive discussion of our paranormalist community is included. Mindfulness can lead to important growth in your ability to work with nature, to sense the subtle fields influencing your life and more confidently commune with your loved ones on the other side. But it is important to understand how this paradigm shift is changing our understanding of the phenomena of transcommunication and interconnectedness in our community. The last part of this book includes a comprehensive discussion of the phenomena, including EVP-ITC and mediumship transcommunication phenomena.
Philosophy: metaphysics & ontology
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United States
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