2 Local Women, 1 Foreign Man

2 Local Women, 1 Foreign Man

by Vikki Silk

Publication Date: 06/08/2018


Why would a young man in his thirties return to the same holiday destination year after year? Not only the same country, but the exact same town? James doesn't go there with a wife or girlfriend, not even with his buddies. He goes alone. Why would he do this? Why does any hot-blooded young male do anything? And besides, it's not as if James is ever alone for long.

Join James, a native of Vancouver, as he reminisces about the first time he met Rose and Dahlia on his first trip to the island. They're the reason he keeps visiting the island and they get better each time. See the first night the three of them spent together through his eyes and take in all the emotion and sheer excitement of the moment as the trio leave logic and inhibitions behind to give in to their primal, sexual urges and explore one another in ways they never have before.

If you've ever desired a threesome you'll want it even more after reading this experience from the pen of Vikki Silk.

Erotic fiction
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Vikki Silk

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