50 Essential Classic Adventure Short Stories You Have To Read Before You Die, Vol.1: Jack London, Robert Ervin Howard, E.Nesbit, Max Brand... (Golden Deer Classics)

50 Essential Classic Adventure Short Stories You Have To Read Before You Die, Vol.1: Jack London, Robert Ervin Howard, E.Nesbit, Max Brand... (Golden Deer Classics)

by Jack LondonGolden Deer Classics A.M. Chisholm and others

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 06/05/2019


Contents: A.M. CHISHOLM A Thousand a Plate A.M. WILLIAMSON The Eccentricity of Fleetwood ACHMED ABDULLAH The Home-Coming ARTHUR TRAIN The Escape of Wilkins ARTHUR TRAIN The Governor-General's Trunk BUCK CONNOR Get Your Man CHARLES BEADLE John O'Damn CHARLES E. VAN LOAN Water Stuff E.NESBIT The Dwellers EDWARD S. ELLIS A Battle in the Air EDWARD S. ELLIS An Unpleasant Companion EDWARD S. ELLIS Lost in a Blizzard EDWARD S. ELLIS Lost in the South Sea F. HOPKINSON SMITH Captain Joe FORREST CRISSEY A Fugitive from Romance FRANK L. PACKARD Munford FRANK L. PACKARD Rafferty's Rule FRANK L. PACKARD The Little Super G.B. LANCASTER The Little Girl and Dering G.B. LANCASTER The Little White Girl H. BEDFORD Little Tomtit H.C. BAILEY The Nun of Newstead HAMLIN GARLAND The River's Warning HAPSBURG LIEBE With Pistol and Second Reader J. ALLAN DUNN The Crowing Hens of Totulu JACK LONDON The House of Pride JACK LONDON The One Thousand Dozen JAMES B. CONNOLLY A Fisherman of Costla JAMES B. CONNOLLY The Lottery of the Sea JAMES B. CONNOLLY The Medicine Ship JOSEPHINE DASKAM BACON An Idyl of the Road JOSEPHINE DASKAM BACON The Ends of the Earth JOSEPHINE DASKAM BACON The Pretenders MARIE MANNING Buffy's Hegira MAX BRAND The Laughter of Slim Malone MORLEY ROBERTS The Tale of Brazos Dick RALPH D. PAINE The Last Pilot Schooner RALPH D. PAINE The Praying Skipper RAYMOND S. SPEARS Experience is Everything RAYMOND S. SPEARS The Desert RICHARD HARDING DAVIS The Make-Believe Man ROBERT ERVIN HOWARD Hawks of Outremer ROBERT ERVIN HOWARD The Blood of Belshazzar ROBERT ERVIN HOWARD The Shadow of the Vulture ROBERT ERVIN HOWARD The Sowers of Thunder ROBERT WELLES RITCHIE The Great Cardinal Seal RUPERT HUGHES The Adventures of a Bookkeeper STACY AUMONIER A Source of Irritation STEWART EDWARD WHITE Until the Last Shot W.W. JACOBS Contraband of War

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Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Jack London

Jack London (1876 - 1916), lived a life rather like one of his adventure stories. He was born John Chaney, the son of a travelling Irish-American fortune-teller and Flora Wellman, the outcast of a rich family. By the time Jack was a year old, Flora had married a grocer called John London and settled into a life of poverty in Pennsylvania. As Jack grew up he managed to escape from his grim surroundings into books borrowed from the local library - his reading was guided by the librarian.

At fifteen Jack left home and travelled around North America as a tramp - he was once sent to prison for thirty days on a charge of vagrancy. At nineteen he could drink and curse as well as any boatman in California! He never lost his love of reading and even returned to education and gained entry into the University of California. He soon moved on and in 1896 joined the gold rush to the Klondyke in north-west Canada. He returned without gold but with a story in his head that became a huge best-seller - The Call of the Wild - and by 1913 he was the highest -paid and most widely read writer in the world. He spent all his money on his friends, on drink and on building himself a castle-like house which was destroyed by fire before it was finished. Financial difficulties led to more pressure than he could cope with and in 1916, at the age of forty, Jack London committed suicide.

Titles such as The Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf and White Fang continue to excite readers today.

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