98 Indian, Celtic, and English Fairy Tales.

98 Indian, Celtic, and English Fairy Tales.

by Joseph Jacobs and Red Skull Publishing
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 09/06/2018

This edition has three of the folklorist Joseph Jacobs's classic fairy tale books in one: Indian, Celtic, and English.


Indian Fairy Tales is twenty-nine stories taken from popular South Asian oral history; Indian tales carried across by crusaders, Gipsies, Mongol missionaries, traders, Jews, and travellers. Jacobs has selected the best from the Baluchi folk-tales, the Jatakas, the Bidpai, the Tales of the Sun, and the folk-tales of Kashmir.


Celtic Fairy Tales filled with magic, charm, adventure, and humour. The stories were collected from Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Ireland. But be warned, not every story has a happy ending.


English Fairy Tales is a classic collection of that describe the fantastic adventures of witches, princes, giants, princesses, and numerous talking animals. This is not the plain, watered-down versions with happy endings; these are the darker counterparts. With classics like Jack the Giant Killer, The Three Bears, Tom Thumb, The Three Little Pigs, and Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as lesser-known stories filled with action, magic, ghosts, imps, fairies, and lost love. Delve into the dark magical world of make-believe.


  1. The Lion and the Crane

  2. How the Raja's Son won the Princess Labam

  3. The Lambikin

  4. Punchkin

  5. The Broken Pot

  6. The Magic Fiddle

  7. The Cruel Crane Outwitted

  8. Loving Laili

  9. The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal

  10. The Soothsayers Son

  11. Harisarman

  12. The Charmed Ring

  13. The Talkative Tortoise

  14. A Lac of Rupees for a Piece of Advice

  15. The Gold-Giving Serpent

  16. The Son of Seven Queens

  17. A Lesson for Kings

  18. Pride Goes Before a Fall

  19. Raja Rasalu

  20. The Ass in the Lion's Skin

  21. The Farmer and the Money-Lender

  22. The Boy who had a Moon on his Forehead and a Star on his Chin

  23. The Prince and the Fakir

  24. Why the Fish Laughed

  25. The Demon with the Matted Hair

  26. The Ivory City and its Fairy Princess

  27. Sun, Moon, and Wind go out to Dinner

  28. How the Wicked Sons were Duped

  29. The Pigeon and the Crow


  1. Connla and the Fairy Maiden

  2. Guleesh

  3. The Field of Boliauns

  4. The Horned Women

  5. Conall Yellowclaw

  6. Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary

  7. The Shepherd of Myddvai

  8. The Sprightly Tailor

  9. The Story of Deirdre

  10. Munachar and Manachar

  11. Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree

  12. King O'Toole and his Goose

  13. The Wooing of Olwen

  14. Jack and his Comrades

  15. The Shee An Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire

  16. The Story-Teller at Fault

  17. The Sea-Maiden

  18. A Legend of Knockmany

  19. Fair, Brown and Trembling

  20. Jack and his Master

  21. Beth Gellert

  22. The Tale of Ivan

  23. Andrew Coffey

  24. The Battle of the Birds

    25.Brewery of Eggshells

  25. The Lad with the Goat-Skin


  1. Tom Tit Tot

  2. The Three Sillies

  3. The Rose-Tree

  4. The Old Woman and Her Pig

  5. How Jack Went to Seek His Fortune

  6. Mr. Vinegar

  7. Nix Nought Nothing

  8. Jack Hannaford

  9. Binnorie

  10. Mouse and Mouser

  11. Cap O' Rushes

  12. Teeny-Tiny

  13. Jack and the Beanstalk

  14. The Story of the Three Little Pigs

  15. The Master and His Pupil

  16. Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse

  17. Jack and His Golden Snuff-Box

  18. The Story of the Three Bears

  19. Jack the Giant-Killer

  20. Henny-Penny

  21. Childe Rowland

  22. Molly Whuppie

  23. The Red Ettin

  24. The Golden Arm

  25. The History of Tom Thumb

  26. Mr. Fox

  27. Lazy Jack

  28. Johnny-Cake

  29. Earl Mar's Daughter

  30. Mr. Miacca

  31. Whittington and His Cat

  32. The Strange Visitor

  33. The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh

  34. The Cat and the Mouse

  35. The Fish and the Ring

  36. The Magpie's Nest

  37. Kate Crackernuts

  38. The Cauld Lad of Hilton

  39. The Ass, the Table, and the Stick

  40. Fairy Ointment

  41. The Well of the World's End

  42. Master of All Masters

  43. The Three Heads of the Well

Highlights of this edition are:

* 173 hand drawn original illustrations.

* A free web link to 98 audio files to listen to the whole book.

* It is formatted for ease of use and enjoyment on your kobo reader.

* An active (easy to use) Table of Contents listing every chapter accessible from the kobo menu.

* Plus About the Authors Sections.

* 883 pages (in the kobo format) for a very low price.

This book is unabridged, and appears as it was first intended with 173 original hand drawn illustrations.

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Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Red Skull Publishing

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