A Lot Like Family

A Lot Like Family

by Kat Cantrell

Publication Date: 04/05/2020


He takes “strong silent type” to the extreme

She’s determined to rattle him

And when she does, sparks fly

Former SEAL Hudson Rafferty is fine being alone with his nightmares and what’s left of his soul. He’s not fine with Ember Nixon calling dibs on the space in downtown Superstition Springs that he’d earmarked for his new restaurant. She’s the one woman he can’t ignore, the one woman who pushes past his carefully constructed boundaries—and the one woman who seems to get him.

Ember left Superstition Springs at seventeen, pregnant and disgraced. She never dreamed she be back with a special-needs seven-year-old in tow. Or that Aunt Serenity’s love prediction would say a partnership with Hudson Rafferty is the only way she’ll get the empty space she wants for her new business enterprise. The enigmatic SEAL doesn’t even acknowledge that she exists no matter how much she flirts with him. How can they possibly be partners?

Or maybe a better question is—how did this partnership blossom into a budding romance that can never survive Hudson’s biggest dealbreaker?

Adult & contemporary romance
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Brazoria House Books

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