A Lot Like Fate

A Lot Like Fate

by Kat Cantrell

Publication Date: 23/11/2018


He’s on a dating hiatus

No problem—the woman he can’t get off his mind hates him

Until she doesn’t

Tristan Marchande needs to atone for his last military campaign—until then, no women, no flirting, no fun.

A smoldering womanizer is the last man on earth Cassidy Calloway should be dreaming about. She has no interest in being his next conquest. There’s just one snag…Serenity’s infamous prediction that Cassidy will find true love in an unexpected place. It’s definitely not Tristan. Right?

Tristan’s too busy fighting his own demons to question why Cassidy always leaves any room he’s in. But when he’s accidentally trapped with Cassidy in an underground storm shelter, secrets bubble to the surface and suddenly, nothing seems so certain except one thing: fate is what happens when you’re making other plans.

Welcome to Superstition Springs...town in progress.

Adult & contemporary romance
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Brazoria House Books

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