A Match Made in Olympus

A Match Made in Olympus

by Livvy Ward
Publication Date: 17/09/2019

Kaitlin's having a bad day. Like really bad day. What was supposed to be a romantic holiday turned into a heartbreaking betrayal. And if that wasn't bad enough, her car died on the way home. In a storm. On Valentine's Day.

Enter Eros. A high flying Greek God just trying to make his way in the modern world without his mother mucking it up. He's young. He's sexy. And he's got a thing for gorgeous women with car troubles.

Join Kaitlin and Eros this Valentine's Day as they ride out a storm and try to mend broken hearts while dealing with a meddling mother. It turns out not even Cupid can escape Aphrodite's matchmaking!

Myth & legend told as fiction
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RoseLark Publishing

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