A Merry Little Sellwood Christmas

A Merry Little Sellwood Christmas

by Susan Lute

Publication Date: 20/01/2016


"Deck the halls with boughs of holly..."

It's time to put down roots, and all Victoria Cahil wants is to keep the promise she made to her eight-year-old niece, MacKenzie. They would spend Christmas Eve in their new Queen Anne colonial home. There was only one hitch in her plan. The house needs more work than she anticipated, and Chief Deputy Gavin Stevens has put the derelict house on his "dangerous buildings" list.

Okay with his bachelor status, Gavin hasn't given a second thought to finding a family of his own...or the love of a good woman. He's survived being orphaned at a young age, Marine boot camp, three tours in a war zone, and is not often taken by surprise. But when a fiesty house renovator calls him on the carpet for condemning the sow's ear she's determined to make into a silk purse, he begins to wonder. Can he survive the provocative Tori Cahil with his heart...and bachelorhood intact during a holiday season when Christmas miracles are practically the norm?

Heartwarming stories about family...community...and the journey home

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Susan Lute

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