A Touch Of Venice/Secrets of Castillo del Arco/From Venice with Love/Pregnant by Morning

A Touch Of Venice/Secrets of Castillo del Arco/From Venice with Love/Pregnant by Morning

by Trish MoreyAlison Roberts and Kat Cantrell

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 17/12/2018


Secrets Of Castillo Del Arco - Trish Morey

Reclusive billionaire Raoul del Arco's deathbed promise to a friend haunts him. He swore to marry Gabriella D'Arenberg... but knows that taking her as his wife will only destroy her innocence.

Gabby has no idea that Raoul has sworn such an oath. And when he storms back into her life, he has a dark, dangerous edge she finds disturbingly alluring. Now trapped in Raoul's gothic castillo, Gabby is paying the price of his promise. The key to her lavish prison? Succumbing to her new husband's touch...

From Venice With Love - Alison Roberts

Dr Charlotte Highton has fulfilled her grandmother's dream of a luxury train trip to Venice. But how can she fulfil her final wish – to see Charlotte walk down the aisle?

Then, in the narrow streets of Venice adorned with twinkling Christmas lights, Charlotte literally bumps into delectable excolleague Dr Nico Moretti. And amongst the hustle and bustle of St Mark's Square, he drops down onto one knee and offers Charlotte a lifeline... a very spontaneous and temporary one!

Pregnant By Morning - Kat Cantrell

What was meant to be a one night affair has turned into much more for Texas businessman Matt Wheeler. Something about Evangeline, the mysterious woman he met at a masquerade ball, propels him from his self-imposed exile. He's finally able to forget his tragic past and lose himself in this incredible woman. But letting go has a price.

Evangeline's pregnancy announcement brings reality to their Venetian villa. Are they ready to take their secret affair public? Or will their romance end with the morning light?

Adult & contemporary romance
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Mills & Boon Special Release
Trish Morey

Trish always fancied herself a writer, but she dutifully picked gherkins and washed dishes in a Chinese restaurant on her way to earning herself an economics degree and a qualification as a chartered accountant instead. Work took her to Canberra where she promptly fell in love with a tall, dark and handsome hero who cut computer code, and marriage and four daughters followed, which gave Trish the chance to step back from her career and think about what she'd really like to do.

Writing romantic fiction was at the top of the list, so Trish made a choice and followed her heart. It was the right choice. Since then, she's sold more than thirty titles to Harlequin with sales in excess of seven million globally, with her books printed in more than thirty languages in forty countries worldwide. Four times nominated and two times winner of Romance Writers of Australia's RuBY Award for Romantic Book of the Year, Trish was also a 2012 RITA finalist in the US.

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