Adam The Office Ninja

Adam The Office Ninja

by Mike White

Publication Date: 10/05/2015


Graham, local manager from Office Lenders, has a problem that most Office Temp managers don't have to deal with at all. One of his workers thinks, in all sincerity, that he is a ninja. See, most people don't get reports on their desk from clients complaining of being hit with paper throwing-stars. They also don't hear that someone is breaking dress code at their job- not by wearing a Hawaiian shirt, but by wearing a black mask and frightening old ladies at a flower shop. But that's OK, Graham will make Adam into an ideal office worker,even if he has to trick him into it. After all, its what a ninja would do.

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Mike White
Mike White

Mike White has had dogs most of his life, including a giveaway mongrel when he was a teenager, a puppy who was going to be drowned, and his current huntaway, Cooper, who features throughout How to Walk a Dog.

They've been wonderful mates, loyal company and frequently disobedient. Some have broken his bones; all have broken his heart when they've gone. White is one of New Zealand's best-known journalists and a senior writer at North & South magazine where he has won more than 20 national media awards, including the Wolfson Fellowship to Cambridge University.

In 2013 he wrote the best-selling true crime book Who Killed Scott Guy? He lives in Wellington with his partner, Nikki, and they walk Cooper along the coast, through the bush and at the city's dog parks.

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