Adventure Expedition One

Adventure Expedition One

by Aaron Linsdau and Terry M. Williams

Publication Date: 15/02/2019


"Explorers must be self-contained and prepared for anything."

Expedition—An adventure into the extreme unknown where you will be tested to the limit.

How do you plan and pull off your first epic expedition? Where should you even start? This book contains practical advice to help you put together your first trek. Dreaming, planning, training, doing, and returning alive are all covered in this guide.

This book opens up the often reticent world of the explorer. Avoid critical mistakes and understand the essential ingredients required for success. Transform your dream of exploration into reality. If you want to climb a mountain or stand at the North Pole, you'll find answers inside.

Learn step-by-step how to experience breathtaking locations. You will avoid novice mistakes and experience extraordinary adventure.

Travel & holiday
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Sastrugi Press

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