After Pie

After Pie

by Stefan Petrucha

Publication Date: 10/10/2018


Shelley is disgusted and disenchanted, with the world in general and her existence in particular, until an encounter with an alien entity. The creature strikes her as her ticket out, a way to get to, if not a better place, than at least another place. But, as her much put-upon pal Beep warns, is Shelley actually communicating telepathically with the alien, or, as usual, just talking to herself?

Publication Date:
Crossroad Press
Stefan Petrucha

Stefan Petrucha has written over 20 novels and hundreds of graphic novels for adults, young adults and tweens. His work has sold over a million copies worldwide. He also teaches online classes through the University of Massachusetts. Born in the Bronx, he spent his formative years moving between the big city and the suburbs, both of which made him prefer escapism.

A fan of comic books, science fiction and horror since learning to read, in high school and college he added a love for all sorts of literary work, eventually learning that the very best fiction always brings you back to reality - so, really, there's no way out.

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