AHF Magazine 3

AHF Magazine 3

by Grey Wolf

Publication Date: 19/12/2017


AHF Magazine issue 3 is an alternate history, and associated genres, magazine primarily dedicated to bringing to the fore new works from both up and coming and established authors.

Authors in AHF Magazine #3 are Emma Hines, Calum Armitage, Chris Berman, Martin Roy Hill, Matthew Wilson, Michael Clark, DC Diamondopolous, Hugh Dudley, Ben Schultz, Allen Kopp, Drea Talley, Jake Sparkman, Grey Wolf, and Irving A. Greenfield

We have an Alternate History  Interview with author Cody Sisco and a Book Feature on Paths Not Taken by Euel Elliott et al, plus a Writing Feature by Lazlo Ferran

Cover Art by Denny Marshall, and Art Gallery pieces by Denny Marshall and Jay Wolfe

Poetry by Denny Marshall and John Grey

Alternate History essay by Grey Wolf, and an Art Feature on the work of Derek Roberts

Science fiction
Publication Date:
Grey Wolf

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