AHF Magazine 6

AHF Magazine 6

by Grey Wolf

Publication Date: 31/01/2019


AHF Magazine issue 6 contains stories in alternate history and associated genres by Douglas Kolacki, John D. Hanna, Jonathan Ball, Philippe Savidis, Jeffrey G. Roberts, Geoff Nelder, Jeff Rouss and Kirian Valk. There is poetry by Brian G. Davies, G. David Schwartz, Fabrice Poussin, Chani Zwibel, and the poetic story 'The Price' by Philip Piarrot. Our Interview is with Ruth Danes, author of the Life on Another Island series of books, while there are articles on alternate history by L G Parker and William C Dietz. The cover is an original painting by Hilary Bryanston, titled "The Suspension of Disbelief". 

Science fiction
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Grey Wolf

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