Alien Beer and Other Stories

Alien Beer and Other Stories

by E. Chris Garrison
Publication Date: 12/09/2020

Come along as E. Chris Garrison tells her strange tales of science fiction and fantasy. Twenty-three stories await you inside this book. Many have been published elsewhere, some have appeared online, and still others have been waiting patiently to be discovered. Some of them include: "A Bone to Pick" is a ghost hunting story, from the ghost's point of view. "The Spark" reveals a dark side of Reality Check. Ida from Trans-Continental gets her start in "Moonlight Blossom". In "Personal Space," Trog tells us of his anti-social superpower. In the world of Road Ghosts, "Spectral Delivery" mixes ghosts, Valentine's Day, and pizza. Is "Shelby" a boy or a girl, or something else? Little Minnie from the Tipsy Fairy Tales goes solo in "Seelie Goose".

Short stories
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‚ÄčE. Chris Garrison

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