All For Her Pleasure: The Cuckold's Tale Five Story Collection

All For Her Pleasure: The Cuckold's Tale Five Story Collection

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 17/05/2019


Five more red-hot tales of shared wives and the cuckolds who love them, collected together in a single edition for the first time!

Only the most loving couples would dare open their bedrooms to other people, as this collection proves! In this compilation of sensational, sexy stories, you’ll find shared wives, betrayed boyfriends, and tormented husbands – all of whom explore and understand their roles in the new marriage dynamic of the twenty-first century! Featuring surprise visits from ex-boyfriends; black strangers on vacation; and racy rendezvous, this collection of over fifty thousand words is guaranteed to put a smile on your face – and a rocket in your bedroom!

Contains the following steamy tales:

Happy Anniversary

This is it. No backing out now. My wife is about to meet her old boyfriend – the biggest lover she’s ever had…

Wedding anniversaries are a special occasion for all couples, and Connor intends to make this night the most memorable one ever. He’s treating his wife Ellie to a romantic getaway by the coast. A cute hotel. Romantic walks. Dinner dates. And her hung ex-boyfriend.

Ellie has no idea what Connor is planning, but she’s more than delighted to go along for the ride – and what a ride she’s about to enjoy…

Sharing is Caring

My wife crosses the room and kneels between his legs, a naughty smile on her face…

Larry is trying to help his best friend cope with yet another explosive break-up, but Peter’s sulking and reminiscing is getting in the way of naughty fun with his wife, Meghan.

As the couple slowly help their friend get over his failed relationship, they start to take things in a new and highly erotic direction. What kind of man wouldn’t help his buddy move on? And what kind of wife could turn that offer down?

Cash, Grass, or Ass

‘The three things a trucker wants from hitchers like you,’ he says, ‘are cash, grass, or ass.’

Sam and Kirsten have been dating for eighteen months but things aren’t going so well. In a last-ditch effort to get back on track, Sam has persuaded Kirsten to take a road trip with him, where he hopes to rekindle their earlier romance.

During their trip, their car breaks down. Stranded and out of options, the two accept a ride from a passer trucker, who explains to them the rules of the road and how he expects to be paid back for giving them a ride…


‘Your wife told me to have fun with you,’ Ava says. ‘But she didn’t say how…’

Perry and his wife Dawn are exploring the boundaries of their new arrangement – she has a lover on the side, and he gets to enjoy all the pleasure she receives. Tonight, they’re trying something new: Dawn is going out with her lover, leaving Perry at home.

But he isn’t going to be alone tonight. Dawn’s friend Ava is coming over to cucksit. She knows all about their arrangement and she intends to get her own pleasure from this hapless, willing cuckold...

I Dare You

The tall, muscular black man smiles at my wife. I already know what he’s thinking, but I’m powerless to stop him…

Darren and Brittany are enjoying their vacation away from the kids, but something is bothering Brittany. They haven’t been intimate the whole time they’ve been away, despite Darren’s efforts. When Brittany has a couple of drinks too many, she confesses a secret that shocks Darren.

Wanting to make his wife feel better, Darren dares Brittany to hit on a stranger – anyone she likes. But Darren’s casual challenge quickly spirals out of control and becomes something much, much darker and more intense. The handsome black man responds to Brittany’s advances and soon the couple are introduced to a whole new world of sexual bliss…

This collection contains previously published material. All stories can be purchased separately.

Erotic fiction
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Andrea Martin

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