All Things Considered

All Things Considered

by G. K. Chesterton
Publication Date: 28/08/2020

A collection of essays dealing with various topics, such as human nature, current affairs, science and religion. Chapters include: The Case For The Ephemeral; Cockneys And Their Jokes; The Fallacy Of Success; On Running After One's Hat; The Vote And The House; Conceit And Caricature; Patriotism And Sport; An Essay On Two Cities; French And English; The Zola Controversy; Oxford From Without; Woman; The Modern Martyr; On Political Secrecy; Edward VII. And Scotland; Thoughts Around Koepenick; The Boy; Limericks And Counsels Of Perfection; Anonymity And Further Counsels; On The Cryptic And The Elliptic; The Worship Of The Wealthy; Science And Religion; The Methuselahite; Spiritualism; The Error Of Impartiality; Phonetic Spelling; Humanitarianism And Strength; Wine When It Is Red; Demagogues And Mystagogues; The "Eatanswill Gazette"; Fairy Tales; Tom Jones And Morality; The Maid Of Orleans; A Dead Poet; and, Christmas.

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Global Press

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