An Amber Stone, Set in Silver: A Novel of the Exiles of Aur

An Amber Stone, Set in Silver: A Novel of the Exiles of Aur

by Margaret M. Lin

Publication Date: 10/11/2018


Edie Brown has gone through life as if she were almost invisible, barely remembered. Even after becoming a doctor, her own patients and colleagues have a hard time recalling who she is.

So when she is invited to interview for a position at the prestigious medical center, the Aurel Foundation, Edie can't begin to understand how or why. And once there, she can't shake the impression that something is terribly wrong about the Foundation and the resort-like mountain community where it's situated.

Beginning with the Foundation's disturbing, enigmatic chauffeur, James, puzzling events quickly add up, and Edie starts piecing together the startling real reason she has been brought there, one that goes beyond ordinary science and medicine, and one that is tied to her own mysterious past.

She finds herself being inexorably drawn into a world of myth, magic, and monsters, a world that leads to chaos, imprisonment, and violence.

An Amber Stone, Set in Silver is the second in the Exiles of Aur series. Like all the books, it can be read as a stand-alone, though the books chronologically follow each other, and often characters from earlier books make subsequent appearances. It scores in the mild range for sensuality and language, with a couple of scenes containing mild to moderate violence.

Fantasy romance
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