An Early Frost

An Early Frost

by Jenna Brooks

Publication Date: 06/07/2015


"Exceptionally well crafted from beginning to end, An Early Frost is the sequel to author Jenna Brooks' October Snow, and demonstrates her ability to embed her riveting and surprise laden storyline with truly memorable characters. Very highly recommended..." - Midwest Book Review

They say that love doesn't hurt.

Sure it does. Love hurts like hell.

Will Remmond is finding that out.

An eminent Family Law attorney, he's fed up, burned out, and ready to walk away from fighting the insanity of the Family Court system.

But there are two abused children left to rescue. One of them is five-year-old Alexa Reynolds. She and her mother are being stalked by a criminal sociopath.

Mom calls the guy "demonic".

Alexa call him "Daddy".

And Alexa's daddy calls Will a walking dead man.

The other abused child lives inside of Maxine Allen, the woman who Will waited decades to find. Max is becoming more and more withdrawn. Increasingly hostile. She's turning abusive, striking out at him - and Will knows only that it has something to do with her father. Unable to learn the secrets from her childhood, he's watching the woman he loves descend slowly into her own private hell.

But Will waited half his life to find her, and he's not about to abandon her there. He intends to get to the truth of what happened to her. Between saving Alexa from her murderous father and Maxine from her demons, he's walking into the fight of his life. One that he intends to win.

Or die trying.

Will Remmond is about to learn that the bloodiest battles are waged in the darkest places of the human mind - in the abyss where the force of love confronts the power of evil. Head-on.

(An Early Frost is the continuation of the story of October Snow.)

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Jenna Brooks

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