Are You Listening? Life Is Talking to You!

Are You Listening? Life Is Talking to You!

by Hutchison, Phoebe and Phoebe Hutchison

Epub (Adobe), Epub (Kobo), PDF (Adobe) Publication Date: 25/06/2015


Are you over-scheduled, focused on the past, or over-emotional? It could be because you’re just not paying attention. As a result, your life may feel like a stressful mystery, filled with frustration, confusion, self-doubt, worry, and fear. Wouldn’t you rather live a funfilled and exciting adventure filled with happiness?

If you stop and listen, that life can be yours. Life talks to us in many ways—through our intuition, thoughts, bodies, emotions, instincts, animals, time, money, passion, love, and struggles. When we learn to listen, our lives become easier and profoundly more fulfilling.

Qualified counsellor Phoebe Hutchison wants to help you live your best possible life. In this guide, she shares easy-to-use strategies to help you

• increase your understanding of your life, circumstances, and issues;
• improve your life through strategies to overcome negative thinking, depression, low self-esteem, anger, addiction, relationship and parenting problems, and more;
• identify techniques to help you transcend your personal issues;
• live in the present moment more often; and
• interpret life’s messages so that you can live your best life.

When you learn to acknowledge your power, understand life’s unwritten rules, and use the tools you were born with, you can step out of one world and into another.

Self-help & personal development
Epub (Adobe), Epub (Kobo), PDF (Adobe)
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