Art of a Shaman

Art of a Shaman

by Frank Moore

Publication Date: 28/06/2015


Originally a lecture Frank Moore presented at N.Y.U. in 1990, Art of a Shaman explores performance and art in general terms as being a magical way to effect change in the world. Using concepts from modern physics, mythology and psychology, Moore looks at performance as an art of melting action, of ritualistic shamanistic doings/playings. By using his career and life as a "baseline", he explores this dynamic playing within the context of reality shaping. 


Art of a Shaman is filled with performance photos in full color, capturing the feeling of being at the performances! All in the size of a graphic novel.  BUT DON'T BUY IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO FEEL GOOD AND GET TURNED ON!

Published by Inter-Relations.

Performance art
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