Beetle Creek

Beetle Creek

by Jim Parsons

Publication Date: 29/12/2015


The Bournleys of Beetle Creek - you'll love 'em, but you'll be so glad they're not your family.

This wildly funny Aussie bush yarn takes a nostalgic look at life in the bush in the 1950s. Seven-year-old Denny blackmails the neighbours, teenagers Marcie and Davo are over-sexed and over-endowed, spooky little Lucy foretells the future, Uncle Wally is fresh out of jail ... and Jack, the budding author, is writing it all down.

Take the grand tour of places of interest in Beetle Creek - the garbage tip, Georgie Chung's grocery store, the primary school, and Bruiser Walton's hotel. Thrill to the excitement of the Grand Benefits Concert for polio victim Patty Sweeney, and the Anglican tennis tournament, where Dad Bournley faces off in the finals against his arch-enemy, Pat O'Brien, the man who accused him of sheep-stealing. Find out whether Lizzie Layton really did poison her husband and why Gordon Woods broke Dad's nose.

In a village where everyone knows everyone else's business, there are still some dark secrets to be uncovered, and Jack is up to the task.

Publication Date:
Jim Parsons

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