Being Gardner Dozois

Being Gardner Dozois

by Michael Swanwick

Publication Date: 14/05/2018


If you wanted to know how one of the best editors and writers thinks, who would you want to know about? Gardner Dozois! Gardner has won more Hugo awards for editing than anyone, for his incredible work with Asimove's Science Fiction Magazine--where stories he selected and edited won tons more awards. He's won awards for his own writing as well, and has created a huge number of anthologies, including the reknowned "Year's Best Science Fiction" series. There's no better choice than getting insights into a mind like that.

BEING GARDNER DOZOIS is an in-depth look at what makes him tick; a facinating interview with his friend (and notable SF author) Michael Swanwick, that describes Gardner's thoughts on writing, his obsessions, collaborations, and his influence in the world of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

A must for anyone who wants to get published (or get published more... or win awards... or win more awards), or anyone who loves the science fiction field.

Science fiction
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