Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 11

Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 11

by Daniil KharmsE. F. Benson John Buchan and others

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 08/07/2019


Ten of the greatest authors of all time present their great works in the short story genre. A great compilation of tales for all tastes with the great geniuses of literature in his most acclaimed works. This selection specially chosen by the literary critic August Nemo, contains the following stories: A. E. W. Mason: The Affair At The Semiramis Hotel The Clock Green Paint Ensign Knightley The Man Of Wheels The Coward Keeper Of The Bishop Julian Hawthorne: David Poindexter's Disappearance. Ken's Mystery. When Half-gods Go, the Gods Arrive. Set Not Thy Foot on Graves. My Friend Paton. The Christmas Guest. The Laughing Mill Kenneth Grahame: The Twenty-First of October Dies Irae Mutabile Semper The Magic Ring Its Walls Were as of Jasper A Saga of the Seas The Reluctant Dragon John Kendrick Bangs: The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall The Spectre Cook Of Bangletop A Midnight Visitor The Speck On The Lens A Quicksilver Cassandra The Ghost Club A Psychical Prank Frank R. Stockton: The Bee-Man Of Orn. The Griffin And The Minor Canon. Old Pipes And The Dryad. The Queen's Museum. Prince Hassak's March. The Battle Of The Third Cousins. The Banished King. Jacques Futrelle: The Problem of Cell 13 The Thinking Machine Five Millions by Wireless Kidnapped Baby Blake, Millionaire The Problem of the Motor Boat The Problem of the Opera Box The Problem of the Vanishing man Ella D'Arcy: Irremediable White Magic A Marriage In Normandy The Pleasure-Pilgrim The Web of Maya An Engagement John Buchan: Politics and the Mayfly The Keeper of Cademuir The Wife of Flanders The Watcher by the Threshold Comedy in the Full Moon The Herd of Standlan E. F. Benson: The Room in the Tower Caterpillars Mrs. Amworth Mr. Tilly's Séance Negotium Perambulans How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery The Horror-Horn Daniil Kharms: Symphony no. 2 On phenomena and existences - No. 1 The thing Andrey Semyonovich An unexpected drinking bout The destiny of a professor's wife The memoirs of a wise old man

Classic fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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John Buchan

John Buchan was born in Perth. His father was a minister of the Free Church of Scotland; and in 1876 the family moved to Fife where in order to attend the local school the small boy had to walk six miles a day. Later they moved again to the Gorbals in Glasgow and John Buchan went to Hutchesons' Grammar School, Glasgow University (by which time he was already publishing articles in periodicals) and Brasenose College, Oxford.

His years at Oxford - 'spent peacefully in an enclave like a monastery' - nevertheless opened up yet more horizons and he published five books and many articles, won several awards including the Newdigate Prize for poetry and gained a First. His career was equally diverse and successful after university and, despite ill-health and continual pain from a duodenal ulcer, he played a prominent part in public life as a barrister and Member of Parliament, in addition to being a writer, soldier and publisher. In 1907 he married Susan Grosvenor, and the marriage was supremely happy. They had one daughter and three sons. He was created Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield in 1935 and became the fifteenth Governor-General of Canada, a position he held until his death in 1940. 'I don't think I remember anyone,' wrote G. M. Trevelyan to his widow, 'whose death evoked a more enviable outburst of sorrow, love and admiration.'

John Buchan's first success as an author came with Prester John in 1910, followed by a series of adventure thrillers, or 'shockers' as he called them, all characterized by their authentically rendered backgrounds, romantic characters, their atmosphere of expectancy and world-wide conspiracies, and the author's own enthusiasm. There are three main heroes: Richard Hannay, whose adventures are collected in The Complete Richard Hannay; Dickson McCunn, the Glaswegian provision merchant with the soul of a romantic, who features in Huntingtower, Castle Gay and The House of the Four Winds; and Sir Edward Leithen, the lawyer who tells the story of John MacNab and Sick Heart River, John Buchan's final novel. In addition, John Buchan established a reputation as an historical biographer with such works as Montrose, Oliver Cromwell and Augustus.

Kenneth Grahame

Kenneth Grahame was born in 1859 and wrote fiction and fantasy for children.

He is most famous for The Wind in the Willows (1908), which is considered to be one of the greatest classics of children's literature.

He also wrote The Reluctant Dragon which was later adapted to a Disney movie.

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