Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 7

Big Book of Best Short Stories - Volume 7

by Mary E. Wilkins FreemanO. Henry William Dean Howells and others

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 20/03/2019


Ten of the greatest authors of all time present their great works in the short story genre. A great compilation of tales for all tastes with the great geniuses of literature in his most acclaimed works. This selection specially chosen by the literary critic August Nemo, contains the following stories: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman: A New England Nun Ann Mary; Her Two Thanksgivings Luella Miller Little-Girl-Afraid-of-a-Dog Jimmy Scarecrow's Christmas The Gospel According To Joan The Revolt of "Mother" *** O. Henry The Gift of the Magi The Cop and the Anthem A Retrieved Reformation The Ransom of Red Chief Springtime a la Carte The Count and the Wedding Guest Witches' Loaves *** William Dean Howells Christmas Every Day The Pumpkin-Glory Butterflyflutterby and Flutterbybutterfly City and Country in the Fall, A Long-distance Eclogue A Case Of Metaphantasmia An Experience A Pair Of Patient Lovers *** T. S. Arthur An Angel in Disguise Amy's Question Dressed for a Party The Two Husbands The Brilliant and the Commonplace Other People's Eyes The Fatal Error *** Stephen Leacock My Financial Career Merry Christmas How to Make a Million Dollars How to Live to be 200 How to Avoid Getting Married Aristocratic Education Self-Made Men *** Sherwood Anderson A Man of Ideas An Awakening An Apology for Crudity Hands The Egg The Man In The Brown Coat The Other Woman *** Robert Barr An Alpine Divorce "And the Rigour of the Game" Gentlemen: The King! The Hour and the Man The Man Who was not on the Passenger List Which Was the Murderer? Not According to the Code *** Lafcadio Hearn Yuki-Onna The Story of Ming-Y A Ghost A Dead Secret Chin Chin Kobokama The Cedar Closet A Ghost Story *** Giovanni Verga Rosso Malpello Rustic Chivalry How Peppa Loved Gramigna Jeli, the Shepherd La Lupa The Story of St. Joseph's Ass The Bereaved *** Hamlin Garland Under the Lion's Paw A Branch Road A "Good Fellow's Wife" A Night Raid at Eagle River Uncle Ethan Ripley Mrs. Ripley's Trip A Day's Pleasure

Horror & ghost stories
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Lafcadio Hearn

Lafcadio Hearn (1850–1904) was instrumental in introducing Western readers to Japanese culture and literature. Raised in Dublin and a longtime resident of the United States, the writer, translator, and teacher adopted Japanese citizenship and served as Professor of English Literature at the Imperial University of Tokyo.

Giovanni Verga

Giovanni Verga (b. 1840, Catania, Sicily) was an Italian realist writer, best known for his depictions of life in Sicily and his strong use of dialogue.

This dialogic realism would lead to his renown in such novels as I Malavoglia, and the short story Cavalleria Rusticana, which would later be adapted into a play.

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