Black Hills Gold

Black Hills Gold

by Leon Taylor

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 26/08/2018


Mad Bear and Big Wolf wouldn't have fled Talking Rock Reservation if they hadn't been drunk, but they were, after three days and three nights of drinking. This was 1880, and Indians weren't allowed off of the reservation. Life on the reservation was unbearable for these two who had grown up free on the Great Plains, and they fled for Canada to join with Sitting Bull. It wasn't their best plan, but they were young, it was spring, and Sitting Bull was free, having gone to Canada after the Battle of the Little Big Horn, Custer's Last Stand. Cavalry men were sent out from Ft. No Fort to capture the two renegades, but the soldiers decided to desert the Army, collect the reward money for themselves, and pursue a better life somewhere else. Reward money Agent Tom Laughlin had posted for the capture, dead or alive, of Mad Bear and Big Wolf for the murders of Jumping Horse and Big Tooth, two men he had killed himself. Bad Foot did all he could to keep Agent Tom informed of the two renegade's flight, and it was in his capacity as Chief-of-Chiefs that Bad Foot guaranteed Agent Tom he was doomed. Sitting Bull would be coming soon to seek his revenge against the white man for taking his land, and Agent Tom could pay for all of them. Whatever white men survived Sitting Bull's wrath would be well advised to return to Europe from where they had come. It was thus that Agent Tom sent Black Heart, his Chief of the Agency Police, after Mad Bear and Big Wolf with the orders he wasn't to return to his white man's comforts on the reservation without the two dead runaways. Black Heart had no interest in chasing these two renegades all the way to Canada just to kill them, or intention of living without the white man's goods to which he had grown accustomed, and it was Agent Tom who found himself negotiating for his own life with Black Heart. The price for his life was that all the gold taken out of the Black Hills by the white man was to be put back. The Black Hills were sacred to the Lakota.

Historical fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Leon Taylor

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