Body-Smith 401 And Twenty Other Stories

Body-Smith 401 And Twenty Other Stories

by K.J. McKenzie et alEduardo Barreto Cynthia Becker and others

Publication Date: 14/11/2015


Edited by Harvey Stanbrough. Body-Smith 401 and twenty other stories is dedicated to the memory of Ray Bradbury, who passed from among us on June 5, 2012, after having taught many of us a simple truth: "Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." You were right. Thanks, Ray. These stories are all speculative fiction, and they all deal more strongly with the characters' reaction to the science or fantasy in the story than with the science or fantasy itself. Herein you'll find humorous and heartening and cynical and frightening and thought-provoking stories about artificial intelligence (AI), long-extinct octopoid creatures that booby-trapped their abandoned planet, brave warriors, skilled hunters and skulking menaces. You'll visit both Utopia and Dystopia. You'll find magic, music, myth and mystery, infidelity, paranoia, suspense and schizophrenia, space travel, time travel, mind travel, rockets, space ships, colonists, time dilation, robots, multimorphous beings and a very deadly game. And there's more... oh, so very much more.

Short stories
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