Bone Dust and Beginnings Book 1

Bone Dust and Beginnings Book 1

by Angela White

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 10/09/2017


A Dystopian Adventure

Years after Safe Haven abandoned the post apocalyptic United States, a group of fighters have come from the west. Trekking through nuclear horror, they are on an epic quest to find those who came before them. Culled from the dwindling herd of humanity, they alone may have the strength to complete the dystopian adventure. For the fighters, the quest is about redemption of past horror and rebuilding their lives in safety. To the leader, it is a relentless hunt for her missing father. Nothing will stop Alexa from finding him, even if it means all their lives.

Angela White takes us on another wild dystopian adventure in this shtf saga, revealing background information and other details that answer questions and fill in more of the LAW series. It’s a post apocalyptic reunion in the making! Have you missed the LAW gang? This series will takes readers to the island, four years after the camp left.

Need to Know Information

Title: Bone Dust and Beginnings (A Life After War Adventure)

Alexa’s Travels Book one

Length: 351 Pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-945927-11-9

Next in series: The Killing Fields (Book 2) Alexa’s Travels

Related to series: Life After War

What if you haven’t read Angela’s other books yet?

This post-apocalyptic fantasy series will give provide the information. Reading the related titles will come because you want more, not because it’s needed. However, we do believe you would receive more enjoyment by devouring Life After War first. Book 1 is: The Survivors. There’s an excellent chance it is shown below these details in the ‘customers also bought’ section, so you don’t have to search for it. Convenient, right?

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C9 Publications

Angela White

Science fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
C9 Publications

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