Bound to You

Bound to You

by AR DeClerck

Publication Date: 25/11/2017


Jacks Baine has a gift, and no problem selling it to the higest bidder. His newest contract with Ferrell Terraforming will net him and his crew enough currency to retire to any planet in any galaxy they choose. His only issue is the new corporate liaison assigned to him. She's exactly the kind of distraction he does not need on a mission.

Lia Bernardi wants to climb the corporate ladder and get out from under her condescending boss. The mission to V-097 is her chance to finally prove that she can run a terraforming operation on her own, and impress her stoic father. Jacks Baine is interesting, but he's only a means to an end. Right?

At the edge of the December Quadrant, far beyond charted space, Jacks and Lia will discover that sometimes the dead linger. And they have secrets to tell. 

Fantasy romance
Publication Date:
AR DeClerck

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