Broadway Annie

Broadway Annie

by Cheryl Lee

Publication Date: 10/05/2015


Annie is a protege in dance, ballet, Jazz, the musical stage of Broadway. Family life has made her strong with advesity, she excells at whatever she trys, her chance to travel in a tour of Europe in a musical rivival comes, she is thrown into danger as WW1 breaks out around her. She disguises herself to hide from the Kaiser's army, she escapes only to meet, fall in love, wed and suddenly become a widow of a soldier of fortune. Finding herself badly injured, with child she seeks her in-laws for aid, rejected at first then finally returns to America with her child, only to land directly into the Spanish Flu Epidemic. Her courage, determination and hidden talents keep her going through all of the trials she encounters. Through Annie's eyes we can experience history as it happened.

Historical fiction
Publication Date:
Cheryl Lee

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