Center Fire

Center Fire

by Chris Mason

Publication Date: 09/05/2015


Carla is a ruthless ex-Mossad agent, once a rising star, who mysteriously walked away from a mission and vanished into the shadow world of mercenaries. She helps a notorious arms dealer, who's come out of retirement for one last score, steal three nuclear warheads from a missile base in Ukraine that's about to be decommissioned. But she has a private agenda that her comrades can't even begin to suspect.

When Carla breaks into the FBI office in Seattle to find a contact in the Witness Protection Program, she stumbles across Derek, a small-time thief who's pretending to hack into the FBI's computer system for the Mob, but is actually helping the FBI to entrap them. She forces him to help her and then kidnaps him.

Everything starts to unravel when Derek doesn't show up for his appointments with either side. Before you can say "double-cross," Carla and Derek are being chased by the FBI, the CIA, the Mafia, vengeful arms dealers, and the Mossad assassins that have been trying to take Carla down for over a year.

The spree of kidnappings, tricks, betrayals, gunfights, near-misses, car chases, and helicopter stunts ranges all over the Northwest into Canada. Their only hope for survival, and to stop the warheads from falling into the wrong hands, is to find a way to turn the chase around and become the hunters instead of the hunted.

Throughout the chaos of narrow escapes, explosions, and flying bullets, only one person has any understanding of what's really happening or any hope of preventing the nuclear terrorism she's helped unleash: the unstoppable Carla.

Espionage & spy thriller
Publication Date:
Chris Mason

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