Clue and the Tree Spirits

Clue and the Tree Spirits

by Wendie Nordgren
Publication Date: 12/05/2018

When the mononoke become more stirred up than usual, Clue becomes suspicious. Checking out the disappearance of a little boy's cat uncovers a disturbance in the spirit realm. Something has the mononoke terrified, and they aren't the only spirits at unrest.

The Kodama, tree spirits, are tormenting not only a friendly neighborhood spider demon, but also Hibagon, one of Cassini's native bigfoot.

Unfortunately, the powerful Okami shifter pack refuses to come to the aid of demons, leaving Clue to solve the mystery all alone or to seek out Liam, a serpent demon, who craves her and enjoys feeding on her fear. Determined to do the right thing at any cost, Clue may be forced to pay a price she can't afford.

Myth & legend told as fiction
Publication Date:
Wendie Nordgren

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