Confessions: When She Was Bad

Confessions: When She Was Bad

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 07/06/2019


‘Tell me a story,’ he says. ‘A really sexy, naughty story – but a true story…’

Most husbands wouldn’t be able to handle knowing the things their wife has done in her past, but Danny isn’t like most husbands – and Cassie sure isn’t like most wives. During her college years, Cassie worked as a stripper and loved every minute of it. Danny loves hearing about her wicked, wild days on stage, and today is no exception.

Cassie loves sharing her deepest, darkest secrets with Danny, and enjoys recreating certain fond memories with him. But how will he react when she confesses her naughtiest story – the time she broke the rules and let a client touch her… and do so much more?

'Confessions' is as series that follows couples revealing their most intimate and erotic secrets to one another. It is intended for adult audiences only.

Erotic fiction
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Andrea Martin

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