by Leo Charles Taylor

Publication Date: 26/05/2016


This book tells Elizabeth's side to the story of Pride & Prejudice & Assassinations. The original story was purposely written from Mr. Darcy's point of view in order to reveal several aspects of his life while keeping Elizabeth's personality and actions in the shadows. In this novel, Elizabeth's character is more fully revealed. She has spent much of her life studying and learning about the many dangers of Europe's nobility. Now, when an odd group of people intrude upon her life, she is thrust headlong into a world she has only encountered in books, and she must use her education and intellect to unravel a mystery that intrigues and horrifies her.

House Darcy was built on a foundation of honour and integrity. It has stood for generations as a symbol of the best ideals in England. Now, during a time of war, murder, spies, and intrigue, House Darcy will rise, and it will do so upon the shoulders of a remarkable woman. But, before the house can rise, she must rise, and before she will rise, she will fall.

Current Timeline of books

Pride & Prejudice & Assassinations

(Same time frame as PPA but from Elizabeth's viewpoint)

A Darker Darcy

To Please a Princess

Historical romance
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Leo Charles Taylor

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