Creepies 2: Things That go Bump in the Closet

Creepies 2: Things That go Bump in the Closet

by Marie FranksonKatherine Gunnoe Debra Lamb and others
Publication Date: 25/03/2017

From the masters of horror at Writers, Poets and Deviants: Prepare for terror… - An exterminator meets his match in a family's attic… - A cuddly toy with a disturbing origin is all the rage… - A boy's survival of a deadly accident turns out to be more curse than miracle… - A man asks a vampire for a favor and gets more than he wished for… - A strange device collects and stores the rage from people bent on revenge… - An exquisite chess set in an old pawn shop sets the scene for terror… - A young man's WW2 bayonet carries an evil history… - Something is alive in the outhouse… Enjoy these chilling tales and more in volume 2 of WPaD's popular Creepies series. But leave the lights on…

Short stories
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