Crime in The Big Easy

Crime in The Big Easy

by Deborah Lynne

Publication Date: 13/11/2018


Taylor Jaymes has big dreams--dreams of being a well sought after reporter, winning the Pulitzer Prize, and traveling the world. Opportunity is knocking at the door with a killer finding his prey in the early morning hours in and around the French Quarter. Two deaths so far. The police can't find a connection, but Taylor knows there is one. When she finds it, Detective John Bradley will have to give her the exclusive and let her get closely involved in finding this perp.

Detective John Bradley hates women who put themselves in danger just to get ahead in this world. The reheaded vixen definitely raises his shackles. How can anyone so lovely be so incredibly reckless?

As John and Taylor join forces to stop the killing spree, they find their desires shifting in ways they could never have imagined.

Religious & spiritual fiction
Publication Date:
Sand & Sea Publishing

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