Cuckoldress: Hubby Bends Over

Cuckoldress: Hubby Bends Over

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 11/01/2019


'Don't look at me like that, honey,' she says. 'We both know where this toy is going...'

Megan knows what it feels like to control a man in mind, body and spirit. For her, the thrill comes from breaking a man and forcing him to yield everything he has. She’s been a cuckoldress for most of her marriage to Josh, but their relationship is about to change forever.

Tonight, Josh is going to learn the real truth about power and control. This submissive cuckold husband is going to bend over and take it like a man.

Cuckoldress is a series following wives and girlfriends in one-sided open relationships. They sleep with anyone they want and their partners love them for it. Adults only. Contains explicit scenes of erotica.

Erotic fiction
Publication Date:
Andrea Martin

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