Dance Academy

Dance Academy

by Rachel Elliot

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 01/01/2011


They've got the world at their feet, but have they got what it takes? 'I'm here to dance. the rest of you can play happy families.' Abigail has been dancing forever and is the best student in the class. It's not a title she's going to give up easily. Startlingly beautiful, she learnt long ago how to use her charisma to manipulate others. When Abigail wants something she can make you feel as if you're the whole world... and when she's got what she wanted she can end the privilege just as quickly. this year Abigail's body is changing and she regards it as a terrible betrayal. Suddenly, it's no longer so easy to be the thinnest or the best and Abigail pushes herself to work harder than anyone.She is a naturally gifted dancer but knows she's not perfect. Abigail isn't a horrible person but she believes ballet is everything and she will do whatever it takes, even if means stepping over every friend she's got in the process. Besides, on the rare occasion she tries to let other people in, it never works out the way she planned. And so Abigail figures since everyone already thinks she's a bitch, she may as well be the biggest bitch she can be. But when things get tough, is loneliness too high a price to pay for reaching the top? this year, bit by bit, Abigail learns the value in friendship. Begins on ABC1at 5.30 pm on Monday 31 May and screens every week day until 5 July. thenScreens on ABC3 at 3.40 pm on 6 June, screening double episodes every Sunday through to end August

General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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ABC Books
Rachel Elliot

Rachel Elliot has been writing stories all her life, and her first book was published in 2004.

Since then she has written lots of books for children.

She works as a freelance writer and editor, and lives in Devon with her husband and two daughters.

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