Dark Corners

Dark Corners

by Michael Bray
Publication Date: 03/01/2018

Everything is connected. Nothing happens by accident.

A series of seemingly separate stories carry with them a dark, underlying connection as the horrors thrust upon the lives of those involved form part of a bigger picture.

Told in a non-chronological order, Dark Corners Redux is a story collection like no other. From the terrifying story of a couple who share a deadly secret, to the tragic final hours of a sideshow clown and the tale of a childhood prank coming back to haunt those involved in adulthood, nobody is safe, nothing is as it seems and everything is connected.

Dare you enter the lives of those involved and make the connections that are hidden beneath the surface.

Welcome to the darkest, most violent and horrific recesses of the human mind. We've been waiting. You are welcome to come in if you dare...

Horror & ghost stories
Publication Date:
Michael Bray

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