Depths of Lake

Depths of Lake 1

by Keary Taylor
Publication Date: 04/04/2016
5/5 Rating 1 Reviews

It was another day at the ranch, training horses and working fifteen hour days. And then the last person I ever expected showed up. Lake McCain: a Marine, tall, ripped—and the best friend of my dead fiancé. Cal died to save Lake, and now Lake claims that he carries a debt to me that he can never repay.

I wanted to brush him off. But then my mom, the manager of the ranch, went and hired him. We spend hours working together with the horses. Lake doesn’t say much. He’s layered and dark and he tries to seem shallow and simple. But he isn’t. There are things under his surface that matter. He works, quiet and strong, and never once lets me down.

Until he confesses that he may be falling in love with me. I can’t deny that there is something between us. But a relationship? I just can’t. I’ve used up all my chances at love. My past relationships have ended in death or disaster, and now I have to live with all of that.

I’m Riley James, and there are depths to Lake—depths to myself—that I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand.

The McCain Saga




PLAYING IT KALE (January 20, 2014)

Adult & contemporary romance
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Keary Taylor

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    This talented young author delivers yet again and proves that she deserves to be on our MUST READ list. In Depths Of Lake our hearts are opened to the very real fear of relationship failure, deep loss and learning to breathe again. The added shadow of a dark character from the past adds an unexpected bite. The small town atmosphere will ring true to anyone who has grown up in one. Everyone knows your name but everyone also knows the mistakes from your past. I liked the two lead characters very much and the Mother/Daughter dynamic was surprisingly comfortable. This book is the third in the series The McCain Saga and I am loving how each of the siblings gives a totally different vibe back to the reader. Have to say, Lake is my favorite so those military boys. Do yourself a favour...very smooth and lovely storytelling.