DIY Publishing

DIY Publishing

by Maggie Lynch

Publication Date: 20/10/2017


DIY Publishing: A step-by-step guide for print and ebook formatting and distribution

Maggie Lynch demystifies publishing technology in her easy-to-read explanations. Each step is illustrated with examples and screen shots. She also provides resources and links to additional software products and options that the more technically-inclined writer may wish to pursue.

Lynch has already done the work of testing a variety of technical solutions. In this book she shares the process she found that is easy—even for non-technical writers—and takes the least amount of time to process each book. Along the way, she shares tidbits around the changing state of publishing, the importance and use of metadata for both print and ebook sales, and the decision-making processes any writer must undertake in determining what amount of time and effort she is willing to expend in the preparation and distribution of her work versus spending more time writing the next book.

Graphical & digital media applications
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Windtree Press

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