Do Ants Have Assholes?

Do Ants Have Assholes?

by Jon Butler and Bruno Vincent

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 01/04/2009


"Every year, one funny book seems to stand out from all the others. This year, it's Do Ants Have [Assholes]? a rip-roaring parody"


"The book being touted as this year's can't-miss, downstairs-loo-fixture of a dead-cert publishing-phenomenon-sensation"


"A very funny spoof of pop-science collections"

Daily Telegraph

A venerable and historic newspaper, the Old Geezer is read and respected by the world's most conscientious, upright citizens. When these beacons of

respectability have serious questions, they turn to the Old Geezer's "Questions and Answers" page.

Do Ants Have Assholes? collects the enlightening answers to thought-provoking questions such as:

  • If you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant, what do you do?

  • How many men would it take to kill an elephant with their bare hands?

  • If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do they all have to drown?

  • Are "crabs" related to crabs?

  • What if there were no hypothetical questions?

Parodies & spoofs
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Bruno Vincent

Bruno Vincent is the author of several humour titles including (with Jon Butler) the bestselling Do Ants Have Arseholes?, a Christmas No.1 back in the more innocent days of Myspace and News of the World.

He has also written two volumes of gothic horror stories for children which were adapted for the stage.

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