Dreams of a Fool: Rufus Quince: Bounty Hunter

Dreams of a Fool: Rufus Quince: Bounty Hunter

by Michael D. Britton
Publication Date: 10/06/2015

Rufus Quince is a retired bounty hunter trying to build a home in the outskirts of Tranquility, right near the edge of the bio-dome where there’s still a decent view of the Earth.

But Quince keeps getting sucked into doing “one” more job for the Lunar Collective Government.

After he finally refuses to come back out of retirement, a group of ruthless speculators led by a phantom from Quince’s past try to force him off his land to steal what lies beneath.

They just messed with the wrong man.

As the interplanetary investigation and unabashed butt-kicking take Quince across the System, he finds himself fighting the black market slave trade and a genius bent on controlling the population via a super-computer. Along his journey, Quince picks up an unlikely ally and enlists the help of an old acquaintance, while struggling with demons from his past and a last ditch effort to save the two girls whose lives he once changed forever as a young D.A.

Rufus Quince: Bounty Hunter – Dreams of a Fool takes the reader on a non-stop, twisting ride, battling the lowest scum in the solar system where the stakes just keep getting bigger, and where our hero just keeps getting deeper into that "one last job."

This page-turning tale is the first in a series of sci-fi adventure novels told from Rufus’ own gritty perspective.

Readers have called Rufus Quince an “imaginative, fun, and compelling read.”

Science fiction
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Intelligent Life Books

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