Echoes of Innocence: Survivor

Echoes of Innocence: Survivor

by Stephen Hill
Publication Date: 11/05/2015

Steve left high school in 1989 with great hopes for the future. Academically gifted and street wise, he survived years of mental turmoil in a family where his father ruled through fear and in which secrets abounded. When he is raped by two men, everything he knows and values disintegrates. With his perceptions of who he is as a man called into question, along with his place in a world which he fears will deride and ridicule him if he tells of his attack, Steve throws himself headlong into a self-destructive lifestyle to kill the pain. Battling everyone and everything, from his father's macho male stereotype to a society that perpetuates untold male rape myths, he knows he must find a way to survive. Echoes of Innocence - Survivor is a ground breaking memoir by new author Stephen Hill demonstrating the impact of the physical act of rape upon men and its psychological consequences. The story charts his own journey up to the age of twenty-five as Steve struggles to come to terms with his rape experience, which he soon discovers is not a one moment in time event but a battle for his very existence.

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Stephen Hill

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