Emotionally Bulletproof - Scott's Story (Book 1)

Emotionally Bulletproof - Scott's Story (Book 1)

by Brian Shaul and David G Allen

Publication Date: 17/05/2015


Learn The Secrets of Trust...

The death of the woman he loves leaves Scott Calloway in a dark storm of emotion. Surrounded by the paradise of the Marshall Islands, he experiences his own close encounter with death, and begins his journey towards learning what trust is all about. He soon finds himself back at home facing age-old problems with familiar faces. Along the way, he discovers:

* the legacy of a dead relative

* the three keys to trustworthiness that no one can be successful without

* a stronger belief that a higher power is watching over him, despite all his struggles

By following Scott, you will learn about the three keys to trust and see them in action throughout the story. At the story's end, worksheets are available to help you make decisions and tackle the big question: Who should YOU trust?

Religious & spiritual fiction
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David G Allen

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