Emotionally Bulletproof - Scott's Story (Book 3)

Emotionally Bulletproof - Scott's Story (Book 3)

by David G Allen

Publication Date: 18/05/2015


How Do You Win A Fight Against Your Own Mind?

Scott Calloway has a lot going through his head. Family members, psychologists, and doctors see little value in him after he suffers a traumatic head injury. With the help of his aunt, a wise pastor, and a woman desperate for love, he learns how to thrive despite his condition. Along the way, he discovers:

- How to desire the right things

- How to bring stability into the lives of others

- Hold to hold your thoughts captive

- Develop a strong relationship with God through studying His word

A cruel system of ideas presses down on his self-esteem. People who have much to gain from his failure focus on keeping him where he is. Despite everything that tells him his goal is impossible, Scott develops a system for training his subconscious mind. By reading this book, and the worksheets at the story’s end, you will gain the third tool in the process of becoming Emotionally Bulletproof.

Religious & spiritual fiction
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David G Allen

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