Energy and EV Secrets

Energy and EV Secrets

by Russell Sydney

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 04/12/2013


Rising gas prices create a pain in our pocketbooks with every visit to the gas pump. What can you do to stop your dependence on big oil and imported fuel?

Energy and EV Secrets not only spells out how your oil dependence is undermining your individual bank accounts; it shows how imported oil is impacting the security of our troops, the health of our economy, and the creation of good jobs. The first half of the book will make it crystal clear that changing these conditions is a pressing priority. That priority will only increase as the global competition for oil intensifies over the coming decades.

The book provides reliable facts and figures from national and international sources to create readily understandable graphics. These graphics and the accompanying descriptions provide a clear picture of the global oil challenges. When you see these facts, it will show you the way to move forward.

The EV Solution
The book goes on to show how to stop the oil dependence by making the transition to the electric vehicle (EV) solution. The EV solution involves cutting your fuel costs to pay for the vehicles and stop the need for importing oil. It takes all of the wrong minded ideas about electric vehicles and puts them to rest. You will learn how the old ideas and outdated excuses about EVs are all part of the mindset that keeps us addicted to oil. 

Energy and EV Secrets makes it clear that you can free yourself from the age of the internal combustion engine – the ICE age. It will help you to develop the EV Mindset to become oil free and to cut the drain of money that goes with every tank of gas. How would your life be different if you could get 100 MPG or use fuel that costs $1.50 a gallon? What if you could go 3,000 miles on one tank of gas? This book will let you find out how to do that.


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Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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