Expropriation : The Encounter bk 1

Expropriation : The Encounter bk 1

by Derek Goneke
Publication Date: 08/09/2020

A Mind-Bending Thriller That Will Leave You on the Edge

In this captivating and suspense themed book, JONAH, an uneasy and curious character, hikes through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado – and witnesses a great revelation tied to the fate of the world. it is revealed that Jonah witnesses an 18-Feet Tall unearth-like object hidden in the wild – probably a SPACESHIP!

Half curious, half scared, Jonah runs for his life with the group that contains an ex-soldier named EZRA who has been hearing suspicious chatter about UFOs from his former world of pilots.

As the edgy story unfolds itself and reveals a chain of secrets hidden in the wild, Ezra contacts Sergeant Derek Rivers for assistance on life-changing conditions.

In the life-threatening chase of the truth, Chief Meteoricist and CIA Consultant DR. Lena Bhatt join the group, and they begin the uncanniest operation in the American Wild previously unknown to humans.

What fate lies ahead for the group? Is the Earth's control in the hands of humanity, or is there an OUTER FORCE tied to it?

Science fiction
Publication Date:
​Derek Goneke

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